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OYAREKHUA MOMOH JIMAH (Managing Director) – A graduate of Mechanical Engineering and a Business Administrator by profession. Over the years he has attended several courses within and outside Nigeria relating to oil and gas and Entrepreneurship, including the prestigious Harvard Business school. With more than 14years experience in various field of Endeavour. He worked has a graduate engineer in Department of Petroleum Resource (D.P.R.), where he engaged in daily surveillance, analysis, planning and performance evaluation of drilling, exploration, workover/completion and stimulation of oil and gas wells. Also ensuring proper clean up of work areas with all HSE rules and regulations. As a Well test/Sampling Supervisor at Geoservices Limited. He garners experiences on equipment piping, maintenance, personnel safety, job mobilization and management. At Ultra energy field services Ltd emphasis and knowledge of procurement activities and marine field operations involving barges, tug boats, house boat, vessels etc were annexed. He guides OMSA company’s management activities and assist with Government regulatory processes.
He is Reliable and capable of using own initiative in ensuring success.

KINGSLEY ANANWUDE (General Manager) – A Geologist by profession, also holds a master in business administration. Has over 4 years cognate experience in the financial services sector- He has served in the capacity of a branch manager in Access Bank Plc with a further career with Oceanic Bank Int’l Plc. A core administrator, firm believer in cooperate governance, operational excellence and Business Process re-engineering, strongly upholds organizational ethics and policies. Presently, supervises the organization’s entire activities i.e. - Finance, administration, procurement, logistics, haulage, maritime, oil and gas. He has undertaken several geological works- Mapped the Turonian sediments of Afikpo syncline, reconstructed the thermal maturity of Ezeaku shale, underground water exploration/Borehole drilling within the Benin sandstone of the Niger Delta basin, Anambra basin, well logging, well compression, installation of submersible eletro-pump. He is also an up to date member of several international and local geological/Geophysical bodies among which include- Society of Exploration Geophysicist (SEG), American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG), Nigerian Mining and Geosciences Society (NMGS), National Association of petroleum Exploration (NAPE) Etc.

OWOLABI PETER ADEWALE (Head Admin/Finance) – He coordinates the company’s corporate finance activities, holding the position of the chief financial officer and head of admin. Where he is committed to growth and development. He is a finance and investment bias. He is part of the Expansion Team, towards seeking able funds to enable OMSA properly harness the opportunities avail in Nigeria’s business environment at a more significant pace.
He is set to disseminate new information from researches and experiences gained from structured trade finance over the years into the company to enable her achieve optimal excellence in the activities outlined in her operational portfolio.
He is a graduate of Accounting.

ADAGOGO S. JAJA (Operations Manager) – A Marine Engineer and Safety security manager by profession with vast knowledge in communication and Oil & Gas supply and trading activities. He has handled ship-breaking activities in the marine industry. He is investing experiences gained from several managements he has worked under to assist in engineering OMSA towards becoming an industry brand name. He is in charge of the company’s operations. Over the years he has partnered with several companies and individuals to structure purchase of goods and services from other parts of the world. He studied marine engineering at degree level, safety and security management at diploma level. He has attended several marine, Oil and gas courses in prominent certified organizations.

ABAYOMI OLUGBENGA ADEDOKUN (Bunker Supply/Procurement Coordinator) – A Graduate of Power and Machinery Engineering, with six years experience in various field of endeavor. He has worked in the field of Installation and Maintenance of Machineries, where he engaged in Machineries valuation, piping and fitting works, diesel engines, Generator and servicing of utility equipment. As a Mechanical Technologist in Ariseng International Services Limited, he garner experiences in servicing of utility steam boiler, water chillers, Air Compressor, Underground and Surface Pipe Laying, Instrumentation Engineering and Installation. In his present capacity he ensures technical conformity of our clients requisition with our stockist and manufacturers in line with the international accepted standard and codes, maintaining proper QA/QC records of our services. He has attended several training courses on Oil and Gas field service parts, tools, accessories and equipments.

OKWILAGWE BENJAMIN OSHIOKE (Logistics Coordinator) – A graduate of communication arts, also holds a master degree in information management, with vast knowledge of fleet management, operations and Maintenance. He has worked as a Transport and Maintenance Manager with various establishments where he handled haulage logistics activities/operations with several maintenance supervisory duties. He is investing experiences gained from several managements into OMSA Logistics business interest towards becoming an industry brand name. He is in charge of the company’s fleet/haulage activities. He has brought his several years of experience in various endeavors to bear in OMSA logistics with little or no supervision on the job. With him the structure of maintenance Management of our fleet and operations is near seamless. He further studied project/Business Management Technology to enhance his contributions to the day to day involvement of our various business concerns